There is a big mistake in the tattoo of Ariana Grande on the palm of the hand


7 Rings‘, the last single Ariana Grandeit was a great success and, to celebrate, the singer has decided to add a tattoo to his collection: the title of the song in japanese, on the palm of the hand.

Ariana shared on Twitter a photo of his new tattoo but some fans have pointed out that there is an error. The tattoo is composed of two kanji characters: “七”, which means “seven” and “conceived”, which means “rings“.

The problem is that these two characters put together mean ‘shichirin‘ that is, ‘barbecue‘ or ‘ grid‘. A ‘shichirin’, in fact, is a small charcoal grill.

I can’t think Ariana Grande is really tattooed the symbol of the barbecue area on his hand“ she tweeted a fan.

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To write ‘7 Rings’ in japanese, in fact, would have had to add in the middle of the characters ‘つ の 指’, who also appear in the video of the song, where is the correct translation.

Also Emma Watson she had some problem with a tattoo, and it has been noticed during the last Oscar ceremony. Look at:

Ariana Grande