“This virus has no compassion”


Raised awareness about the importance of staying home in these days of uncertainty because of the threat of the coronavirus, Ricky Martin has sent a powerful message to the world through their social networks, where there has been no problem with the strikethrough of “gross” and “ignorant” people are not respecting the quarantine.

Glittery new look, courtesy of his son Valentinothe puerto rican singer has expressed his anger with the people that are minimizing the problem and continue to leave their homes unaware of the magnitude of the situation facing the world.

“What a crazy all of this, it seems like a movie science fiction. What is worse is that we know almost nothing, what we do know is that the only way to stop the virus is to quarantine severe and radical, because this virus has no compassion with us. Our only protection is the social isolation. As I have already said but I have to repeat“begins in the video, which already exceeds 2 million views.

“Unfortunately, there are still many people who are in the streets, on the beaches, going to restaurants. It remains for me other than to think that they are gross, ignorant, because the only thing that can stop this is to quarantine. What are you doing on the street? Are you a person who has no empathy. I have to see you as a criminal because maybe you are a carrier and you’re not helping the cause”, he added.

The boricua has also had words of gratitude to all the medical personnel who are putting their lives at risk “by their love of humanity” in this audiovisual material, which had welcomed such celebrities as Thalia, Olga Tañon, or Dayanara Torres.

Let us not be naïve, we don’t have much control, the only one that we have is to stay at home

“And you stay at home don’t be irresponsible. My luck depends on you, and your luck depends on me,” he concluded seriously looking camera the husband of Jwan Yosefalready a few days ago warned about the importance of staying at home with another video talking about the disease.