Totally bald. Shaving to zero. I Gema Lopez did not dare! Look at the picture and you have hours!


March 20, 2020
(13:01 CET)

He has spoken on many occasions of the hair of Gema López. If you are wearing extensions or if it is a wig. She made it clear that your stylist is caring for every day. And he likes to always carry the same hairstyle. Even when he is in home quarantine. Many celebrities and people fully anonymous have taken advantage of these days at home, and much boredom, to change your look. Some and some have made genuine weirdness, but it doesn’t happen because in a few weeks is not going to see anyone and that grows only.

Soraya Arnelas has taken the decision to raparse the hair to zero. She has always been very short, but never to stay “totally bald”. She herself has published a video where he shows the result caressing her head. His followers have been left with the mouth open. Has been a change very drastically.

soraya GTRES

soraya shaved zero urges

“I do not like so short you look like a guy,” “More hygienic impossible ??❤️”, “These malita?”, “Soraya I am totally into you but this I don’t like anything my sister had to rapar due to illness therefore I do not accept that anyone’s silly…I’m sorry” or “That is worth the vanity of some for call something more useful now that their country is the 2 most infected messages such as washing Hands or educate PEOPLE”, are just a few of the many comments that you have left, few are positive. But is that the singer knows that what you do is going to criticize you harshly.

During these days Soraya Arnelas is also making several direct with his followers, where he responds to questions and also sings a cappella to some of their songs. Will have to get used to the new look of the artist. Let’s hope that doesn’t ask a lot more follies, though not the largest we have seen. Cristina Pedroche has dyed the eyebrows, others have made tattoos home, even Messi has been removed from the beard. Now there is time for everything. How would we be if we take the freedom to always?