Upside down and teaching all of that! Jennifer Lopez passed the quarantine in a bikini and well!

March 20, 2020
(20:29 CET)

As we can see these days is not the same to live a quarantine being rich than poor. And that is about all the comforts that have celebrities in their homes are not the same that we can have the rest of humans.

One of the people who are not going to notice too the quarantine being in the house is the singer Jennifer Lopezwho has a pool that is practically a lake.

And so we have to see in your social networks with a picture in which she appears in a bikini in full quarantine in the pool of his house with a smile that has been the envy of all Twitter.

Jennifer Lopez

Very criticized

“Where is your empathy?”, that is one of the comments that we have been able to see on the social networks targeted toward Jennifer Lopez after I hung up that image in their social networks.

The negative impact of the same contrasts with the happiness with which he had been seen these days at the new yorker, who has not saw too much precoupada for how it is ravaging your hometown coronavirus.

A significant delay

In fact, to Jennifer Lopez you are directly affected by this pandemic at the global level as it will prevent you from possibly your wedding to be held this 2020.

In the beginning I was going to make it in the summer, but everything indicates that the situation will last until the autumn, so it seems that could be postponed her wedding to Alex Rodriguez for next year.

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