“We’re infecting everyone!”


Kiko Hernandez save me

March 20, 2020
(21:18 CET)

Ezequiel Garay it was one of the first footballers from the Spanish league and give positive for Coronavirus. Valencia leads in quarantine for a week with his partner Tamara Beanie.

However, even in this situation it seems that do not serve as good example for the people, something that has been able to verify with a snapshot that has shared the tertuliana and Spanish model.

And is that in it appears Tamara Beanie taking something to eat to a sick Ezequiel Garay with the bad leg that appears the Spanish with the mask on upside down.

tamara hat and Garay

Criticism very hard

Kiko Hernández it has been one of the most critical with her as he believes that if you put pictures like that are giving a bad example to the people who put masks and see how they do the famous.

And we have also been able to read people in social networks to warn of the unconsciousness of the model with messages like “We’re infecting everyone!”.

So not

In fact, as seen in the pictures instead of wearing the mask of the green side of the tertualiana should take the player of Valencia and in its place Tamara Beanie hat you should wear the white instead of Garay.

IF we continue to see people who don’t know when and how to wear masks it appears that the confinement is going to be much longer than expected.