“What a piece of choni!”. Cristina Pedroche so 18 years! Attention to the photo


March 20, 2020
(10:43 CET)

Cristina Pedroche know very well that it is one of the celebrities that more controversy it generates in our country. The collaborator of Zapeando has achieved in a few years, on the basis of polemics, to be among the most sought after in the network and be the most comments generated on the forums.

Something that, as you well know her, she has a sharp positive and a negative. The positive, the of fame, is that he is helped to be able to go on growing and that are several brands top the that come to her in search of contracts to advertise their products. On the other hand, the cache-level television has also been increased, so that, in this sense, Pedroche is more than pleased.

The negative does not, obviously, so much grace. While it is true that Cristina is a woman with a great personality and with a lot of character and that does not hesitate to confront their haters whenever it considers necessary, to see how each day your detractors will for it is not that it is something precisely nice. On the contrary.

The picture of Cristina Pedroche

And a good part of the criticism of the anti-Pedroche are given by their photos of the past. A past in which the image of the Vallecas it has nothing to do with the current. And there has been where to your haters have wanted to attack it now.

Have recovered a photo of when the woman David Muñoz I was barely 18 years old and have circulated it by the forums and networks. A picture which shows perfectly how the style of dress of madrid in those times it was nothing like the current one.


And of course, the comments, given that many will have wanted, have not been made wait. “What a piece of choni!”, “Mother me if it is that this girl has always been a tacky”, “I like him, but recognize that you were a choni care”, “Go look poligonera Cristina” or “By much I now have more money, still wearing just as bad” these are just some of them.