What a young lady looks! Confuse Biby Gaytán with one of his daughters with Eduardo Capetillo


The family Capetillo-Gaytán is one of the strongest in the middle of the show, the marriage between the actors Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán it is admired by many people the public. However, fans claim that Biby looks much younger and radiant that her husband, even confused with one of his daughters in a video that you shared on social networks.

Your 48-year-old mexican actress Biby Gaytán is given the luxury of showing off a spectacular body, even after you become a mother of 5 children. Many internet users have said that Biby looks much younger than her husband, the actor and singer Andduardo Capetillo 49-year-old.

Through a video shared on the official account of Instagram of the actress, we can see Eduardo with his two daughters, Alejandra and Ana Paula and his wife Biby Gaytán. The family was recorded while they were just hanging out together before the quarantine by the Coronavirus. But what surprised fans is so young and full of life that you could see the actress, so much so that they thought that it was one of the daughters of Eduardo.

Biby Gaytán returned to the TV

Eduardo Capetillo on various occasions, likes to boast of his beautiful and still young wife, who, after more than 20 years of marriage, still looking very much in love with her husband. In addition, something that has pleased the fans is that Biby Gaytán will be very soon back in the mexican television.

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After a long retreat, Biby returned with all the acting and the singing in the musical “Chicago”, but also surprised to announce its participation as jury in the program “Small Giants” of Televisa. But for now, Eduardo has not followed the steps of his wife, the public also expects to see him again on the screen.