Wonder Woman 1984 yes it will arrive to cinemas despite the threat by COVID-19


The movie of Wonder Woman 1984 it was one of the most sought after in social networks during the morning of 20 march, as circulated false news about a possible change of plans on its premiere in cinemas on the 5th of June and ensuring that Warner Bros had decided to bring forward its launch on the streaming platforms due to the COVID-19.

Quiet, because according to IndieWire, or Warner Bros, or the official sites, which promote the film confirmed this news, being something that only sought to alarm the fans of the DC Universe on more cancellations of films such as Mulan from Disney or the advancement of Bloodshot by Vin Diesel, so that you can be confident to buy your tickets at pre-sale when the time comes.

One of the false news most talked about was The Wrap, who reported saying that the president of Warner Bros Pictures, Toby Emmerich, met with several advisors to discuss the possibility of cancel the release in cinemas of the film “Wonder Woman 1984”, where we can see the actress Gal Gadot as the powerful rider.

The presence of the COVID-19 in the movie

Many have been the movies affected by the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), from the advancement of confirmed Disney on launch, “Onward” in its digital format, along with the large amount of information about a famous Hollywood who have tested positive to this disease.

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Gal Gadot turned to their social networks to alert their millions of followers about the prevention measures for spread of COVID-19 to be undertaken by all countries of the world and thus decrease the risk for contagion, some of the more alarming to march 20, d 2020, are the quarantines mandatory in Italy and Spain due to the exponential increase of cases.