Yotuel send a powerful message to the government of Cuba and calling for the closure of the borders by the coronavirus


The cuban singer Yotuel Romero has launched a hard-hitting message directed at the government of Cuba in which requests and requires the closure of the borders of the island to prevent the spread of coronavirus among the citizens of the country.

The member of the grouping Orishas uploaded a video to your profile’s official Instagram in which, in addition to your request for the blocking of the entrances to Cuba, invited by the cuban leaders to please observe and pay attention to how the COVID – 19 has affected countries such as China, Italy and Spain, the countries that record to this day thousands of deaths, as awareness to this record pandemic.

“This is a message directly to the cuban government. Please close the borders. We have seen, that we are out here, what has happened in China, what has happened in Italy, what is happening in Spain,” said the singer.

Then, the artist also said that he knew that members of the government “have no problem” since they have “the best masks to avoid this virus.” It also urged them to be more human and to take care of “the people who supposedly you both defend” that is now completely “helpless” in the face of the threat of coronavirus.

I know that you don’t have a problem, I know that you have the best masks to avoid this virus. But the people, the people that supposedly you both defend, is helpless against this virus, please, close the borders, please

In addition to his words, Yotuel wrote an accompanying text to the video in which he asked cuban leaders, once more, that at least by this time to look at the issues of “outside” with the objectivity to really look at the terrible problems that is causing the coronavirus at the international level.

“When a person decides to run a town the first thing you have to do is protect it. Leaders of Cuba, normally play to look out and compare to what is going on, do please look out what you are living our brothers,” he said.

On the other hand, his followers who are in other countries suffering in her own flesh the causes of the coronavirus, Yotuel invited them to please leave comments on their post about their experiences about how they are experiencing the attack of the pandemic.

“And please my people, who follow me and are living this unfortunately, have below of this post we are going outside, the danger of not closing borders. Write it down here because I always covers the press of the island to criticize me, but I don’t care what I want is that underneath the people of my beautiful island report. Please. Thank you,” he added.