Aaron Paul seeks to interpret Kurt Cobain in a biopic about Nirvana


Aaron Paul it is one of the actors of television’s most renowned, but now want to venture into the world of film with a biopic about the band, Nirvanain which I would seek to interpret the iconic, Kurt Cobain.

Aaron Paul seeks to interpret Kurt Cobain in a biopic about Nirvana

Aaron Paul wants to give life to Kurt Cobain in the film

In an interview with NME, Aaron Paul confessed to being a fan of the band of grunge, Nirvana and feel a great respect and admiration for Kurt Cobain, to whom you want to give life in the cinema to create a film project based on the musician or the same grouping.

“When I moved to Los Angeles for the first time, I thought it quite Kurt Cobain, and on what has happened, and I love Nirvana…

…“Smells Like Teen Spirit” was one of the first albums I bought with my own money, so I thought it might be interesting to interpret Cobain”.

Despite the wishes of Aaron Paul for reviving the star of the grunge music, Kurt Cobain, for the moment no film studio has announced its desire to produce a tape biographical data about Nirvana, but the possibility exists after bringing to the big screen the story of Queen and Elton John.

Who was Kurt Cobain?

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and main songwriter of Nirvana, the grunge band more popular since its debut and is considered one of the most influential of the story, that consolidated Cobain as the “spokesman of a generation”.

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The musician died at 27 years of age due to a suicide after years of struggling with episodes of depression and a heroin addiction.