Alarm, Isabel Pantoja. “I don’t want to die!”. Medical emergency. Last time


March 22, 2020
(11:53 CET)

The coronavirus is destroying the world. Thousands of deaths around the planet. In Italy exceeded 4,000, and in Spain the 1500. The citizenship begins to have more fear. The country goes through its ninth day of confinement. The citizens are demonstrating their responsibility and solidarity, for your sake, your family and for the rest of people. A situation that is going to long and promises to be worse in the next few days, as has been reported by Pedro Sánchez, who ensures that by the time it will not take more drastic measures.

isabel Pantoja dona ana

Isabel Pantoja is very scared and worried, especially by his mother, Doña Ana, who is very feeble health and advanced age. The singer has shielded Singer, do not let even their children.

“My aunt does not want anyone to enter Singing”has had Anabel Pantoja via phone in Save me. “All of my family we are separated”, he explained the niece of renowned vocalist confined to his home in the Canary islands while the rest of the young people of the clan Pantoja do the same in their respective houses. Kiko Rivera is in his house with Irene Rosales and his sons and Isa Pantoja in The Port with his son.

For her, it is very important to protect your father, the most important pillar of his life. A few months ago and gave a big shock and this would be a hard blow in case of contracting the disease. With all the projects he has ahead of him and because of her age, Isabel Pantoja nor would I want to get sick. Not out to the street for nothing. It is the service personnel who purchase them.

By the time a family reconciliation will have to wait. Now that the children have forgiven everyone was expected to spend a great day at the wedding of Anabel Pantoja, however it has postponed the link with her boyfriend Omar scheduled for the next month of July.