Alejandra Guzmán surprise speaking English in an interview for HBO Latino


Alejandra Guzman, also known as the “Queen of Rock” surprised his followers by speaking perfectly the English language and singing one of his tracks in most popular music, during an interview for HBO Latino.

An epic moment in which the singer shared through his official account of Instagramwhere to be witnesses to that Alejandra Guzman dominates to the perfection the English language, and that it has not lost all his vocal talent to keep singing his classics.

In this way, Alejandra Guzmán sang the popular theme “Make love with another”, one of his simple more successful throughout his musical career, and that even today manages to inflame their followers.

Alejandra Guzman on HBO Latino

From what we can see in this video shared by Alejandra Guzman, and now has become a time viral among your followers. The singer was invited and interviewed for a program of the television network HBO Latino.

Where apparently the singer had the chance to interpret one of the classics that brought her to fame in the decade of the nineties, and now again revived through his account of Instagram which has more than 2.9 million followers.

Alejandra Guzmán, the “Queen of Rock”

Remember that Alejandra Guzmán has positioned itself as one of the singers rocking most successful in our country and around the world; a success that in addition to carry on to receive various awards and recognitions, has led it to earn the title of the “Queen of Rock”.

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It is worth mentioning that the musical career of Alejandra Guzman is one of the most extensive within this industry, which has even managed to stay current over the years, because we can not deny that “The Guzmán” is still a big star today.