‘Bad Boys for Life’ will also come before time in streaming format


The ravages that it is leaving the coronavirus are forcing to change the film industry forever. The closure of the cinema halls all over the world have been forced to restructure the calendar of the big studios. Thus, the postponement of new releases and the suspension of filming, there is a new strategy that is becoming increasingly common in the last days: the streaming.

'Bad Boys for Life' will come to the streaming

Several companies have already announced some of their latest movie will see the light very soon in the homes. According to MovieWebthe latter has been ‘Bad Boys For Life’. The tape was premiered during the month of January, and was scheduled to arrive at the format of video on demand at the end of may. However, the new situation has brought the date forward to 31 march, almost two months before.

The sequel, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, it has been until now one of the biggest hits of the yearbeing the first film to surpass the $ 200 million in the domestic market. In fact it has worked so well that it has already put a quarter in march.

New paradigm

This new way of reaching the public because of the pandemic can be a drastic change in the way we understand the distribution of films. Universal was the first with tape as ‘The invisible man’, ‘The hunt’ or ‘The adventures of Doctor Dolittle’. To it have joined Warner with Birds of Prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn)’ and ‘The Way Back’, Miramax with ‘The Gentlemen: The gentlemen of the mafia’, Sony ‘Bloodshot’, Paramount with ‘Sonic: The movie’, or Disney’s ‘Onward’ and ‘Frozen 2’.

And is that, in spite of the discontent of the movie theaters with this type of movements (especially when they are movies that have yet to be released), it seems that the strategy is settling. And when all this is over, who knows if it will be the future of cinema.