Barbara de Regil reveals details about his surgeries


The actress who plays “Rosary Scissors” Barbara de Regilpublished in your account instagram in the section of stories, a space for your followers to ask questions so that these will not be bored during the quarantine period.

The social network of the actress Barbara de Regil exploded of the questions of his followers, who did not hesitate to get all the information possible.

With questions ranging from their exercise routines, their daily diet, to issues more private, between the highlighted if the father of your daughter Mar de Regil has been searched or if you have considered putting more implants.

So the actress responded to questions about the father of her daughter: “Who is this, is, who stays, stays, that is going to [email protected] to his [email protected],” “I was a single mom, understand, I went to mom and dad of my daughter and when I married Fer he turned back to her father.”

On the questions of his surgeries, Bárbara de Regil replied, “I have implants in the boobies, and since, is that I spend it very badly, I ruptured an implant and I catch, I had four more operations, that’s why I, I don’t operate anything aesthetic, best as healthy and I exercise”

Barbara responded to different questions from your followers

Barbara responded to different questions from your followers

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The actress has been found in the controversy, because some months ago circulated pictures of the actress before their surgeries of nose, cheekbones, eyelids and back so that Barbara de Regil decided to clarify the rumors and said that she is proud of her past, because that would not be what it is today, and retract that the only cosmetic surgery I had done is the boobies, so he denied to have gotten to the operating room for other operations.