Belinda shared an amazing message in the network are Resigned to “The Voice Aztec”?


The famous singer Belinda, was surprised to her fans by sharing a video on social networks about the new season of “The Voice Aztec”; the interpreter of “Love at first sight”, gave a sad news to their followers.

The new season of “The Voice Aztec” it has been one of the most entertaining in the company of the Ajusco, but apparently the return of the sing-a-long will have new changes, so the only thing revealed Belinda.

The beautiful singer Belinda was one of the coaches who was chosen to participate in the second season of “The Voice Aztec”, although for reasons alarming, the production decided to postpone the premiere.

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We remember that at the end of last month, February got to know that the new drivers of “The Voice Aztec” would be responsible for Eddy Vilard and Sofia Aragon, even announced that the premiere would be march 30.

But apparently, due to the virus disease Covid-19 have postponed the date of the big premiere, as the production of the program of TV Azteca as was announced through the official account of Instagram.

And is that the singer Belinda as all the celebrities make up part of the coaches for this new season, expressed his concern at the illness of the coronavirus and ask people not to leave their homes.

Belinda shares a regrettable message

Singer Belinda explained to his fans, that due to the contingency of the virus Covid-19, have had to postpone the program of “The Voice aztec”, to the disease, because the casting of the participants were suspended.

“Hi all, greetings with much affection, I hope you are well…

…in their homes, I want to send this message, because due to the theme of the coronavirus is going to delay the recordings of “The Voice”… we Want all of this well, not only us, but also the participants and all the technical”. Commented Belinda.

Photo: Instagram.