Cosplay: Leon Chiro recreates Gladiolus from Final Fantasy XV


Leon Chiro is a cosplayer professional of Italian origin, and american, is distinguished in the community of anime and video games for their detailed characterizations; on this occasion boasted a cosplay of Gladiolus Amicitia, character in the game Final Fantasy XV for a good reason.

The cosplayer chose to recreate one of the scenes in between Gladiolus Amicitia and the Prince Noctisbecause the relationship that these characters of Final Fantasy XV is similar to that of a father and his son, being ideal to send an emotional message to his fans for the International Day of the Father according to the catholic tradition.

Although this conclusion varies depending on the country, in Latin america it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, but not Leon Chiro forgot to thank their fans for all the support that you have provided, and also explained the meaning of its publication with the cosplay of Gladiolus Amicitia.

The scene of Final Fantasy XV

“I will always be by your side”

“Happy International Day of the Father for all of you, my Chocobros. Unfortunately, I can’t celebrate it because I never had a father, but sticazzi, I decided to share healthy content of Gladdy Daddy!”, wrote to Leon Chiro for more than 337 thousand followers on Instagram.

In the video we see Leon Chiro as Gladiolus and also popular cosplayer originally from Germany “Misch Axel”, who is a great friend of the Italian model, as used collaborate to recreate several of these moments in Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII.

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Lon Chiro is the cosplayer’s official Final Fantasy by Square Enix, being their costumes in more detail in the community cosplay; the Gladiolus Amicitia was no exception, as the famous boasts a physique very muscular, being similar to that of the character and used a detailed makeup to define your face.

Leon Chiro as Gladiolus Amicitia