¡€70,000 per child! The infanta Cristina is silent. Get this (and for many, it is outrageous)


  The infanta Cristina during the trial of the case Nóos / EFE

March 22, 2020
(15:23 CET)

Felipe VI gave a speech, as the christmas, to reassure the citizens and received a huge cacerolazo by the latest controversy that is plaguing the Royal House. In spite of the action of the king of Spain to renounce the inheritance of his father and to tear apart all the functions, the spaniards do not forgive. A few weeks ago, at the height of the coronavirus was uncovered the great scandal of Juan Carlos I.

But it is not the only scandal. Jaime Peñafielexpert on the Royal family, uncovers the other inheritance that he received Felipe VI of a minorcan. It comes from a billionaire and decided not to give up on it. The bulk of the money was intended for the daughters, Leonor and Sofia.

Froilán and Victoria Federica of party

Write Peñafiel in The World: : “Philip did not reject the inheritance of Juan Ignacio Balada, a monarchist menorca, mason, reserved, single, and lonely. In the event that Felipe and Letizia would not have accepted the inheritance, Ballad had decided were delivered to the State of Israel. In 2010, the then Princes, their daughters Leonor and Sofia and the six grandchildren remaining were almost 11 million euros the millionaire who neither knew each other and that to them he bequeathed everything: houses, flats, garages, a small mansion, money…”.

Penafiel topped Philip and reveals how they see that that money was not for him and the eight grandchildren of Juan Carlos: “you Created the Hesperia Foundation, with headquarters in the Palace of the Zarzuela. Each one of the grandchildren of the Kings would, at the age of majority, the amount of 70,000 euros. Felipe and Letizia paid 682.544 euros in taxes inheritance and went to 140,000 euros to a Foundation for disabled people in Menorca. The grandchildren of the king emeritus, the eight, will receive the 18 years, some have already done so, 70 thousand euros each. For disabled people there are only 140 thousand euros.