“Is very serious”. Jorge Javier Vazquez struck by the worst news. “Have the days numbered.”


jorge javier vázquez last gala survivors

March 21, 2020
(10:28 CET)

Because of the coronavirus, last Thursday, the gala presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez finished ahead of schedule. Specifically at 0:45 because they had not counted with the presence of Alejandro Reyes, who can not return to Spain, as neither does anyone else on the team. Now for the same reasons, the reality could be cancelled for the first time in its history.

The Foreign minister has ensured that repatriará to all spaniards who are in Honduras, among all of them are the contestants of the reality and the entire team of over 120 people that makes this possible. The intention is to guarantee security against the pandemic coronavirus that has already claimed thousands of lives.

Jorge Javier VázquezAccording to has informed today the Ministry of Foreign affairs, in Honduras, in these moments there is a total of 279 Spanish that would be in these moments in the central american country. Of them, according to the same diplomatic sources, 125 are the team of Survivors by 2020. Despite the fact that in a first moment, diplomatic sources said that the producer of the programme had requested the repatriation of his team, minutes later matizaba his words.

By the time it is insisted that the program has not called for evacuation, but the embassy is in contact with them at all times. Though from the field warn that the solution is for the rest of the spaniards it will be the same for the program team. Therefore the continuation of the reality hangs by a thread.

Mediaset Spain issued a statement after the publication of the information of the Ministry of Foreign affairs in which ensures that “we want to confirm that there is no change with respect to the team of Survivors 2020 and its contestants”.

We are negotiating with Air Europa to bring back home to all the people who want to come back to Spain. The cost of the flight to Spain will pay between all travelers. In the case of the contestants and team of Survivors what would be the producer.

Onlookers fear the worst but it is something that could happen. “Hanging by a thread”, “the best decision” or “have the days numbered”, they write.