J Balvin breaks records with new album and music video of “Yellow”


J Balvin it is currently positioned in the trending global Youtube in the first place during the first day of the premiere of the music video “Yellow” and already has more than 10 million views.

Some days ago the singer unveiled the album “Colors” it would be launched before the expected date, and in addition on the 19th day of march released the music video of the song “Yellow”.

This is not the first time that Balvin is positioned in the first places of lists of reproduction, previously J Balvin made history by becoming the urban artist with the most number of topics in the #1 position in the list of Latin Airplay after that “White” is positioned on the first place during your first week.

The album comes accompanied by videos directed by Colin Tilley for the topics “Red”, “Purple”, its simple #1 “White” and “Yellow”, which has gained great popularity.

The singer said that each color can be interpreted differently by each person, but for him, yellow is happiness, pink is sexy, blue reminds him of the Caribbean sea, while the green is prosperity.

Similarly, the theme Rainbow represents the “union, inclusion, love, happiness, good vibes, tolerance and life.”

J Balvin has filled the social networks promoting his new album and has shared multiple stories of followers that will share videos, listening to your favorite song on the album.

Watch the video of J Balvin:

J Balvin in scandal by masks that went on sale with their new album

The musician launched into their social networks a controversial product next to your new disk, it is mask of cloth that were sold for a limited time.

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In social networks has been accusing the musician of lack of ethics and pretending to take economic performance to a crisis like the COVID-19.

By what J Balvin apologized and withdrew the sale of these masks.