Jake Johnson (‘Spider-Man: A new universe’) gives a custom message of Peter Parker for the quarantine


Increasingly more countries are opting for a confinement of the population in their homes because of the pandemic of COVID-19. In the united States, despite the fact that Donald Trump has not yet enacted the measure at the national level, there are many families that are ahead to not be a danger to themselves or to those around them.

Peter Parker 'Spider-Man: A new universe'

This seclusion can be especially hard in the case of families with children, whose patience is often more limited than that of adults. That is why, the actor Jake Johnson, who did the voice of Peter Parker in the original version of ‘Spider-Man: A new universe’, he has volunteered to try to reassure them.

In a post on Instagram, the actor wrote the following: “From the beginning of the quarantine, many parents have sent me messages saying that they have been watching the movie with their children. Many. So here goes my idea. If your child is at home and want a quick message of hope by Peter B. Parker, send me an email with your name and I will try to respond with a small audio. If you are not shipping it, sorry. #QuédateEnCasa”.

Entertain from the distance

The idea of Johnson and the messages of the lanzarredes add up to a series of ideas and measures that some public figures are taking to entertain and to make the quarantine more bearable to his followers. Since the controversial video of Gal Gadot to the list of James Gunn of the 10 movies to see during the quarantine.

And not only the public figures are trying to put his face more friendly. Streaming platforms such as Movistar or Rakuten TV are offering free content to non-subscribers. Also some of the larger studios are putting their movies directly streaming to the impossibility of estrenarlas in cinemas. Because in the face of a crisis as well, any idea with which to abstract from reality is welcome.