January Jones is passing the quarantine of this form so rare


During the quarantine caused by the pandemic coronavirus probably you are looking for new ways to not aburriros and you are doing things you never thought that you were going to do. In addition, social networks are full of content where you can get more ideas. If you think you’ve seen it all during this quarantine, look at how it is going January Jones.

“Skin: 5. Sanity: -167”wrote the actress alongside a video with a mask LED facial for the skin care. In the video we see Jones happy with your mask, dancing and drinking a soda with a straw while their dogs go to the back. It is a bit strange to pass the quarantinebut as the days go by these options are increasingly valid for that confinement be made to be as enjoyable as possible.

January Jones

Now we have all the time that we didn’t have before, and possibly use it to pay off pending tasks. Jones has decided that was a good time to take care of your skin and your body. Already uploaded a video few days ago with a mask sharing how is your routine for a bath “detoxification”.

Each one is taken the quarantine as you want to

January Jones is not the only one who is uploading videos a little weird to social networks during this confinement. Madonna uploaded a video to Twitter, singing a special version of her song ‘Vogue’. In her bathroom, and with a comb to microphone mode.

Also Judi Dench appears in this video with a kind of cap in the form of a dog. Continue laughing. It is all we can dosays the actress.

The cast of ‘High School Musical’ has also wanted to brighten up a bit these days its followers with a nice tribute to the trilogy of Disney Channel.