Jesse and Joy organize a concert mass in spite of the contingency


Through their social networks, the brothers Jesse and Joy Huertathey showed that in their free time, have decided to do a concert with hundreds of attendees, only that, as their true fans were not able to go to the “concert” they filled the seats with candy gum.

The video has become viral, because it sees the ingenuity and boredom of Jesse and Joy during the health situation that afflicts the whole world, and why a lot of people have decided to stay at home, since that is the only way to fight back against this disease.

In the video you can hear how the brothers ‘ vegetable Garden are performing his song “run”, one of the most famous of the performers, the song is a recording made at one of their concerts.

Have also uploaded a number of photographs that looks like Joy Huerta sings songs to her little daughter, Noa, who has been able to enjoy for a longer time in these days due to the running of the bulls, and has been his wife, Diana Atri who was in charge of showing us the videos and pictures of the happy family.

Will there be a new album of Jesse and Joy?

Jesse and Joy had planned to bring out a new disc for this 2020, after 5 years ago that took out his last record material called “A kiss more”, so that would make even new material for a tour totally different from the last few years. However, recently it has begun to rumorar that they might even be thinking to postpone it more due to the economic crisis.

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Despite rumors, none of the singers has made comment on this, and the fans are still waiting for Jesse and Joy announce the release date of their new album.