Lili Estefan celebrates her birthday in full quarantine


The presenter of the cuban Lili Estefan did not expect to celebrate his birthday due to the campaign that urges you to stay home and maintain social distancing, such as measures to contain the growing spread of coronavirus.

However, his children Lina and Lorenzo did not allow his mother, that loves celebrations and parties, spend your special day by high, and was surprised with a cake and a mariachi band at twelve of the night.

“So I surprised my children. Thank you my beautiful children, I think this will be a birthday very different, but today more than ever I celebrate life!!”, wrote Lili together a video of the special moment that you lived next to some of their loved ones.

The mariachis sang from out of the house, following the steps of maintaining physical distance, but as yet has not been enacted mandatory quarantine in the united States, your family wanted you to have a joyful moment in the midst of so much bad news that are sobrecogiendo the world.

In the video you also see a pretty cake white with pink flowers, with which they sang Happy birthday to you the presenter, who turned 53 years old.

The Skinny also received a surprise virtual party of your aunt Gloria Estefan, who sang Happy Birthday with his guitar by video call.

His uncle Emilio also celebrated with an adorable picture you took especially of the trunk of memories to give a beautiful surprise to Lili.

“Happy Birthday my dear skinny, what happiness and pride. Thank you for your many years of happiness and love!!! This photo is from the day of your christening. The best to you always baby!!! And since we can’t see each other, lots of hugs and kisses cyber”, he wrote to Emilio next to the photo.

The united states is going through a very complex with the increase of the coronavirus in the country. Until today, it recorded more than 24 thousand cases in the territory of the united states and 279 deaths. Florida is one of the states that most cases of infection present in the country.