Macky of Exatlón CONFESSES the reason for his change of TV Azteca to Televisa

The famous Macky, exparticipante of Exatlón Mexico, TV Azteca, spoke in his Instagram about the situation that has been speculating for their change to Televisa and to clarify all the rumors that have emerged on the issue.

It turns out that Macky Gonzalez made revelations about his new project in Televisathat has created a lot of controversy because the have been criticized for an alleged betrayal of the tv station that set up in the fame within the television.

To these rumours the famous Macky Rodriguez, through a live in your account of Instagram decided to talk about his new project in Televisa which was not well-received by the viewers and users of social networks who said that it had been a “betrayal”.

The clarification of Macky Rodriguez about his change to Televisa

Macky through this live video, he confessed that the work came to him alone, who only spoke and assisted with the producer Magda Rodriguez with whom he had a lot of empathy when he presented the new program and how would your participation.

Also took the time to explain that she does not belong to TV Azteca, in addition to that the projects will have come alone and that his goal was never to become famous or get on tv, that his goal in life was to be a good mercadóloga.

At the end of your video, Macky Rodriguez has given it some unique what will be your new, it’s mentioned that there is a new program that will be made in the station of San Angel is totally different from the one that was with the competition and is very happy because everything will be recorded in Mexico City, so you don’t have to abandon your life or your daily routine.

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The sports program of competition Exatlón Mexico, one of the most important TV Azteca has been completed taking as the winners of its third season to Mati Alvarez and Heliud Polished. But this has nothing happy to the audience, who have complained about the new program that is going to replace Exatlón, by which, the tv station is already losing rating.

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