Message heartbreaking to Maria Patiño. The last time that leaves Spain in shock


María Patiño cries socialite

March 22, 2020
(11:33 CET)

The situation of Spain by the coronavirus does not improve and the data are each day more of a concern. More than 25,000 cases were counted and 1,500 deaths. In the coming days these numbers will increase exponentially and we will be able to overcome even to Italy, the country hardest hit by the virus. The alpine country already exceeds that of China, both in cases and in deaths. The citizens are increasingly worried, although for the moment it does not harden the restrictions, but it has already been confirmed for an extension of another 15 days.

The coronavirus is taking the next most vulnerable of the people. In confinement time many people are away from their loved ones. A few are lucky enough to have close to your parents, your children, your partner, or a group of friends. Other this tragedy has caught them completely alone. Some miss people that are far away and others who are not. All the world is eager to embrace and kiss, say I love you again and again.

María Patiño is one of the few partners who has not abandoned his job. The journalist follows the foot of the canyon, first because it is a professional and second because as everyone falls off the house above and so is one of the few privileged who can get away for a few minutes.

stories maria patiñoThanks to this is leaving big revelations. The presenter Socialite has shared a nice message dedicated to his father, who died in 2017 as a result of a colon cancer. “Dad, I miss you a lot less, but you gave me the weapons necessary to fight in this life and in this situation: sacrifice, discipline and collective thinking. Thanks dad… watch over us from heaven. I love you”wrote Maria Patiño.

On many occasions Mary Patiño has made reference to his father, especially when not going through a good moment, personal or professional, or in situations such as this. He gives you strength to keep going, has always been a very important pillar in your life. A few days ago published a picture where I looked at the sky and wrote “today, more than ever, you feel my hand”.