My Hero Academy: you see a lovely COSPLAY of Ochako Uraraka

Ochako Uraraka you receive a charming cosplay of the popular artist Mochi Chuu, who was noted for being a great fan of the anime japanese “My Hero Academy”because on several occasions has surprised her most of 122 thousand followers of Instagram with the official uniform of the female character.

Mochi Chuu has recreated the costume of a hero that looks Ochako Uraraka during their battles against villains, a look of the most sensual because it is a cut-away dress, which is revealed in My Hero Academy, it was a mistake of the character to the point of not specifying in your design.

The cosplay of Ochako Uraraka that recreates the cosplayer with the black suit full body with a design of pale pink in the middle of your torso, it takes two patches of pink more on his shoulders, and a thick choker necklace around your neck, in a style that was created to press their points of acupuncture.

More about Ochako Uraraka

The female character of My Hero Academies have the gift called “Zero Gravity”, which allows you to cancel the effects of gravity on any object, person or living being that you touch with your hands, you can cancel this effect by touching their fingers together, and used it to save the protagonist of the anime in the third episode.

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Ochako Uraraka is the characters most seen in the world of cosplay, because that has a warm personality and presumed to have a loving concern for Midoriya Izuku, it also shows a great evolution of your skills as a hero career, focusing her training in the martial arts.

Ochako Uraraka with his uniform of U. A

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