Netflix: ANIME Series and movies from Studio Ghibli to arrive in April


April 2020 it will be another month full of new movies Studio Ghibli and anime series in Netflixso we’ll take you to the full list of titles that are added to the catalog of the streaming platform, for you to go preparing popcorn together with the countdown.

Movies from Studio Ghibli in April

The list of the top 7 remaining movies of Studio Ghibli in the catalog of Netflix, all available from the 1 April 2020, where several of the tape’s most current japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, makes his debut on the streaming of way officer, along with other stories that form part of the study of animation.

These are the following: “Ponyo, and the secret of the little mermaid,” “The incredible castle tramp”, “raising the wind, “ “Whispers of the heart”, “hill of poppies”, “The war of the raccoons” and “memories of Marnie”; with these we complete the 21 films confirmed by Studio Ghibli for Netflix.

More anime on Netflix

We continue with the second season of the anime “Hi Score Girl” comes from the 9 of April, where the story will take us in search of the best arcade games, this series is based on the manga by Rensuke Oshikiri, featuring the protagonists Haruo Yaguchi and his classmate Akira Oono.

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The first film of Violet Evergarden will be available on Netflix from April 2, a film which was a success in Japan, leading to a parallel history to the events of the series in 2018 and about the girl named Isabella, who lives under the strict orders of his father. The list of premieres ended with the anime of Drifting Dragons to the 30 of April.