“No mam” Danna Paola exploits against Jorge Anzaldo by joke (video)


The youtuber Jorge Anzaldo a good friend of the talented Danna Paola, we played a small joke on the actress in that recreated an iconic scene from the film Disney’s “The lion king”.

Jorge decided to take it with your thumb a little bit of what seems to be lipstick and put it on in the front of the singer, recreating the scene where the character of Rafiki does the same thing with Simbabut instead of lipstick use a fruit, it would be a good way to spend time with their friends and especially with the victim of the joke, Danna Paola.

In the video shared in the account of the Youtuber mexican member of “The rulés”, is heard in the background the unmistakable song of the legendary Disney film “The lion king”, while Anzaldo commits his misdeed against Danna Paola.

Watch the Tik Tok of Danna Paola

The reaction of the singer it was most funny, first his face and attitude of confusion showed that this type of jokes are common among the group of friends and finally was able to understand that the actress of “Elite” will said a little rudeness to his friend.

With the word “No [email protected]” responded to the joke the singer, who at the time of the video was in a chair, enjoying what seemed to be a few videos in TikTok.

Danna Paola gives tips for not bored in the quarantine

Danna Paola has continued to be active in their social networks, especially in its official account of instagram where he has posted various videos and comments to his followers, where he invites them to stay in quarantine within your home.

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Recently shared a picture in a bikini, where he described what he has done to not get bored during the time you are home “Already did puzzles, darts and crackers, paper mache, ballet, and something of chess, pottery, ventriloquia and candles… to stretch, to draw, to climb, and sewing. – Rapunzel had good ideas pa this quarantine, While I threw pal ☀” said the famous singer to make reference to the princess Rapunzel to which he gave voice in his version in Spanish.