of ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton talks about her relationship



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Not only divorce, but also friendships (thankfully). L’ex-husband of Angelina Jolie – respect, is not Brad Pitt that this time we – wrote-the end of a love story that at the turn of the years 2000, made you dream, in many (but ended too early, like a straw fire burns in a second): get ready to smile Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie today they say they are “good friends”.

The beautiful revelationfriendship between Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton comes justjared.com: the actor, the today, 64enne, visited at the Tribeca TV Festival for the premiere of the third season of the TV series Goliath (confirmed by Amazon Prime Video, ndr), and it is here that you can miss a few details the heart of those sets, finally in peace, he was still the shards of this marriage began to collect in the year 2000, in a chapel in Las Vegas and ended early in the year 2002. Let’s recap: your overwhelming love of history, lasted around three years after they began in 1999, on the set Pushing Tin. To break just in time, to seduce us, every project of life together, and then you start writing the Chapter Brangelina (another sticking point, but that’s another story). The reason of divorce between Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton it was obvious and clear to us is never, even if you leave us all with a bitter taste in the mouth, and the “who knows would have been like if…” in my head, he said so Entertainment Weekly“I think that none of them know why we broke up. The helicopter is like when you arrive in a night club with your friends and six in a row; then to a point, and starts a shootout. And you really don’t understand what the hell happened. Here is our break was such a thing”. The exact description in the style of the perfect movie has all of the characteristics of the deformation in a professional, but in the end, why not, and have never understood, not even a little voice in the back of your (our) head remains, and if it is, then, who knows, one day, a setback?

It is true that between the high and low points of the sphere of love, Angelina Jolie it is always raised (ok, even if you are at the moment, the relations with Brad Pitt it is not the best) and today, it is nice to know that you have a friend who is also someone that deep down they must have known really good. “Today we are good friends – he told Billy Bob Thornton at the Tribeca TV Festival – we are friends for years and years. We are often updated. She is almost never in the city, we don’t see ourselves often, but we feel”. Clearly: every time when you see, you often feel. Never say never in life, but not, we think: Billy Bob has been married for 2014, with Connie Angland, they have a daughter, and – Yes – I’m happy.