Plácido Domingo gives positive in coronavirus


The planet as a whole is found in health alert by the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 that has not leaves to be spread in all the territory. In our country, more than The 28,000 cases of infection, with 1.756 deceased persons and 2.575 patients recovered. Among the affected there are plenty of familiar faces and the latest to announce that it has tested positive in the virus is the renowned tenor Plácido Domingo. The artist himself has been in charge of giving the news in a lengthy statement that made public on your social networks. In the text has made it clear that it is in perfect condition and has taken the opportunity to ask for accountability to all persons to remain at home.

The tenor Plácido Domingo

The tenor Plácido Domingo

“I feel it is my moral duty to inform you that I have tested positive for COVID19, the Corona virus. My family and I we are in self-isolation for always and when it is deemed medical necessary. Currently we are all in good health, but I experienced fever and coughing symptoms, thus deciding to be tested and the result came back positive”, he starts by saying Plácido Domingo in the text you posted in your profile official Facebook. “I plead with all who are extremely careful, follow the basic guidelines of washing hands frequentlymaintain at least 6 metres away from the other, doing everything possible to prevent that the virus is spread and please above all, stay home if you can!”.

The tenor is very clear that “together we can fight this virus and to stop the current crisis is global, so we hope to return to our normal everyday life very soon.” Finally, and like all, asking you to “please follow the guidelines and regulations of your local government to keep you safe and protect not only yourselves, but to our entire community.” The message has been received by all us fans with a wave of love and support at this difficult health situation that now confronts the artist and that occurs after the great controversy that surrounds him after being accused of sexual harassment by 11 people.

Other familiar faces

Plácido Domingo is in addition to many other known faces who are also fighting against the virus. In the last few days have announced that they have been infected with the COVID-19 faces from the world of interpretation as the well-known actor Daniel Dae Kim in the series ‘Hawaii 5.0’ or also of the policy as the former president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, together with her husband, Fernando Ramirez de Haro or the current president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who has been tested positive in half of the management of the crisis which particularly affects the autonomous community that she leads. On the other hand, faces as Carlos Falcó or Lorenzo Sanz have not been able to resist the virus and have died in the last few days.