Sean Bean was reading the script in your scene more mythical of ‘the Lord of The Rings’


No matter how many times you see the saga of ‘the Lord of The Rings’, there’s always a new curiosity that becomes the perfect excuse for a reviewed at least. In this period of quarantine, Digital Spy rescues a post 2011 the director, Peter Jackson, in which we discover the secret of one of the scenes most well-known of the first film, ‘The fellowship of the Ring’, that will have you looking at Boromir with other eyes.


While The Hobbit was in production Peter Jackson kept a public diary on the shooting. In he confessed to some of the secrets of the development of these sagas, and, on this occasion, he spoke about how they worked on the scripts to bring them to reality.Sometimes we gave the script revisions to actors a little bit later, confessed the filmmaker.

“The worst of these cases occurred during ‘the fellowship of The Ring’, when at the last minute we override the long speech of Boromir about Mordor and what we communicate to Sean Bean on the same day in which it was to be recorded. Are managed with great intelligence: if you see the movie, you’ll see that occasionally tilts head, as if he would fight with the emotional weight of what happens in Mordor. And the truth is that, the new page of the script was on his knee! When we do multiple takes and we changed some camera angles, this was the one that was used in the final version”.

This sequence takes place at the end of the first half of the film in the so-called council of Elrondjust before forming the company that will undertake a journey to Mordor to destroy the ring.

Currently ‘The Lord of the Rings: the fellowship of The Ring’ is available on Netflixwhere it can be seen that, with cheats, or without them, Sean Bean starred in one of the speeches most legendary of the franchise.

Saga of daily

Peter Jackson is not the only one who took advantage of the social networks to share their writings, made during the filming of ‘the Lord of The Rings’. In January of this year, the Ian McKellen shared on Twitter everything you wrote during the filming of the saga in New Zealand.

The more than 400 days of recording that made these films meant that the actors had enough time for that, as Ian McKellen, write from details of the own shooting up his thoughts to more personal. In your case calls attention to one of the dilemmas I had at the beginning of the recording, when the filming of this production coincided with the ‘X-Men’, in which also participates the british actor.

The actor also shared on the blog secrets of the wardrobe, the relationship with other actors and the life on the other side of the world.