Televisa cancels at the last minute projects of Tania Rincon y Laura Bozzo


Unexpectedly, the journalist Alex Kaffie gave a sad news to the hearing of Televisasince the station of San Angel has decided to discontinue momentarily the recording of two large projects, where they were to be the drivers of Laura Bozzo and the former TV Azteca, Tania Rincon.

What was the reason? of agreement with the communicator, the reason for the cancellation was because of the pandemic COVID-19. Since the network is not able to expose the conductors and participants of the shows that were about to start recording.

Let’s remember that from several days ago, Tania Rincon announced with “fanfare” admission to the ranks of Televisa which would lead the program “Warriors” together with Mauricio Barcelata, who is also a former TV Azteca. Even though he already had begun to make the promotional television project, it seems that the premiere of this new reality will be delayed.

In the case of Laura Bozzo, the peruvian was going to return to the screen of Televisa with a new program of talk show, but unfortunately for their fans, has also been cancelled for the moment due to the pandemic of Coronavirus.

Televisa pause various programs

The station is one of the thousands of entertainment companies that has been affected by the pandemic, the COVID-19. In addition to canceling the programs of Tania Rincon and Laura Bozzo, Alex Kaffie said that also going to be pausing some recordings of the program “Net Divine” and the comedy show “The Parody”.

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Although, for the moment, neither the mexican Tania Rincon or the peruvian Laura Bozzo have given statements about this, it is known that the quarantine for the contingency of global health that is going to affected a lot of Televisa, TV Azteca and its stars, but also to the film industry, theatre and even music.