Televisa comes with La Rosa de Guadalupe tv peruvian


America Tv unveiled through their social networks since the past Friday, march 20, the viewing public will be able to enjoy La Rosa de Guadalupebecause this tv station has wanted to do your own version and which will be transmitted on the dot of 9:15 pm, schedule Peru.

La Rosa de Guadalupe it is one of the most successful productions that Televisa has made and has now been awarded the title of the longest series of this tv station to tell with more than 1395 episodes divided into eleven seasons that have captivated all the viewers.

So it is not surprising that Televisa has managed to expand to the other countries of Latin america their successful project and the first tv station that has acquired the rights to make your own version of it is America Tv, a company that is located in peruvian territory.

Televisa takes The Rose of Guadalupe to Peru

La Rosa de Guadalupe Peru you will have the same format as the original version of Mexico drive in their chapters, that is to say that the history of the series will cover different situations, such as bullying, violence and other social problems that affect the inhabitants of that country.

The first episode of the version peruvian La Rosa de Guadalupe, has taken the title of “My Daughter Lives” and Katy Jara has been the actress in charge of giving life to a mother who loses her daughter because of a fire that destroyed your home, but your maternal instinct tells you that your baby is alive and turns to the Virgin of Guadalupe to be able to find it.

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Televisa comes with La Rosa de Guadalupe tv in peru.

The premiere of La Rosa de Guadalupe Peru through the signal America Tv has caused quite a stir in the social networks, as users claim it is a new success that Televisa has been assigned to lead this project to other countries of Latin America.

Photos: Televisa and America Television