The crazy (and fat) that makes Letizia in the quarantine (and that has to Zarzuela as well)


March 21, 2020
(10:52 CET)

The spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19as its scientific name indicates, increases as the days go by. The cases are piling up all over the world and Spain is being one of the countries affected Europe. Our country inevitably follows the footsteps of Italy. And it does not seem that the thing to go to cease in the next few days.

A problem that does not pass unnoticed to the most powerful. And not in the Royal House. Justice maybe not. In this they are immune. But the coronavirus does not escape or God. And in Zarzuela have to panic that the coronavirus can make act of presence in Palace.


Since he began to spread the pandemic have taken certain measures in the home Real. Input, it is canceled all the institutional commitments of the monarchy for these weeks.

On the other hand, is installed in the door of Zarzuela a coffee table with liquid disinfectant and a guide of how to use them to prevent the spread. And everyone who enters Palace is obliged to pass there. Bodyguard, kitchen staff or housekeeping should do a technical stop at the point of disinfection.

Result of image of house real desinfeccion diariogol

The follies of Letizia

And if it is not sufficient, there are orders that staff outside of the family, always maintain the safety distance of one metre, when they should take their temperature before and after starting work.

Although obsessions do not end here. Have that Queen Letizia you can’t perform your exercise sessions normally. A problem for the monarch, of which it is known that he lives obsessed by his physique. A lack of routines sports that replaced with long and endless sessions in the sauna. A panorama that, coupled with the scandals of the grandfather Juan Carlos I, is becoming a hell to live together in the Royal House.