The danger of the ground beef for your health that you do not have (and should know)


Minced Meat

March 21, 2020
(10:45 CET)

Now that free time is not a problem, each day is presented as a new opportunity to learn about what is really healthy on our kitchen. The saying that what good does it do damage, in several cases is true, but to have an argument or something deeper, be documented is never over. The danger that has emerged when it comes to food, it has to do with the ground beef. There is much that you do not have to sell it. Below you will find what you need to know to avoid surprises.

It is undeniable that the minced meat is part of our daily life, because it is a food that can be supplemented quickly and easily in our dishes. It may be that before reading this, you’ve resorted to it, for this reason, it is necessary to know to what extent exposes your health.

The normal thing is that the minced meat is purchased already packaged in supermarkets, which is a lot of butchers. Why? By the amount of components it contains. Among these components are present according to research conducted by the OCU are: sulfites, starch, soy, and fiber.

Minced Meat

Finally, the biggest difference between the minced meat packaged in supermarkets and butchers, would be in the percentage of fat, which is above 20.

Risks of beef with excess fat

This excess fat that was already mentioned, it generates the risk of the cholesterol to agglomerate in the blood vessels, causing them to the long term problems of the heart or the dreaded stroke. That’s just to name a few consequences, since the problems arising are numerous.

Now you know what your body and your family is exposed to-eat minced meat packaged in supermarkets. The change to a healthy life starts by going to refine the routines, for more complicated than can ever be. Before eating, first research.