The famous poster of ‘The Walking Dead’ becomes a reality thanks to the coronavirus


The crisis of the coronavirus forcing the population to stay at home to try to curb the spread of this disease. From the beginning of this pandemic, comparisons have been made with films with subject matter that relates to the reality as ‘Contagion’. Now, the streets are empty that have allowed a fan to recreate a famous image of ‘The Walking Dead’.

Although we do not see anyone riding on a horse, the incredible image shows us the same highway, deserted in the city of Atlanta. “I asked an old college friend who lives in Atlanta who tries hard to recreate the iconic promotional photo from the first season. No traffic in Atlanta by the pandemic, was the bridge on Jackson St. Bridge and made this picture for me today. Sinister”says one user on Twitter.

'The Walking Dead' First season

The photo is already quite similar, but some users have wanted to finish the recreation editing it to have the same color and giving him the title of “the series to which it belongs”: COVID-19.

These days of quarantine, many have already predicted that within a short we will see a big Hollywood production based on the current pandemic. And we don’t miss anything. Already made films apocalyptic things that not even spent as the mayan prophecy of ‘2012’.

What we are legend?

Another of the films that show a society post apocalítpica much remembered these days is ‘I Am legend’. Part of being a film of a zombie invasion caused by a virus, with a virologist as the protagonist, the people are reminded by the dog that comes out on it. One of the few activities that you can do is walk the dog, and the people are excited, believing it to be Will Smith.