The infanta Cristina has the crazy nights of Letizia in a beach in which it did this


March 21, 2020
(11:03 CET)

The infanta Cristina and Dona Letizia have never had very good relationship, much less from the wife of Iñaki Urdangarin and it got into a mess very fat with the justice. Both were sections of the Royal House, and by consequence also the infanta Elena.

Many people have talked about the queen on numerous occasions, especially with reference to his adventures of when he was young. Letizia moved to Mexico to finish his doctoral thesis. While studying I was working to be able to pay for the stay and any output with your group of friends. To do this, was selling tobacco in the street. A decent job, but now that he repents when he sees the photographs.

letizia tobacco

Pilar Eyre, known for being the chronicler most famous of the Royal House, he has found out more secrets of the youth of Letizia. A few weeks ago we were talking about in this journal the good relationship of the queen with Catalonia. Here is a good friend. And maybe he met at this stage.

Letizia came to Catalonia to spend a few weeks with her sister, who was studying in the Catalan capital. Coincided with the summer vacation and is what happened at large along the Costa Brava, from top to bottom, hitchhiking. At that time, Letizia had no car nor driving licence, and this was the method I was using to navigate.

“Letizia knows very well the Catalan because when his sister was here, she took the opportunity to come to the summers and travel all the Costa Brava hitchhiking. Thus he learned Catalan”, he said.

But that is not here because what is more interesting is that Eyre refers to a “sex life busy in some campgrounds” on the part of the Queen Letizia at that stage. In the Costa Brava there are many coves where you are allowed to do nudity and that she loved it. Although at that time, Letizia was not known, or to be queen or a journalist, and no one took any photographs.