The infanta Elena embarrassed. Out this photo. And it is devastating. Impossible to cover more


March 21, 2020
(10:49 CET)

The infanta Elena is very embarrassed. Can take no more. On more than one occasion has spoken of the discontent of the infanta with respect to the couples of their children. It seemed that Froilán was the one who was going to give you problems and that Victoria Federica was their only hope, but finally has not been the case. It has grown and has desmadrado.

Like all mortals, Victoria Federica must comply with the confinement. The Spanish population, as the rest of the world, is isolated for weeks to fight against the coronavirus, should be to prevent their spread, and so as not to saturate the health system. Measures are increasingly restrictive due to the increase of cases and to the irresponsible people, like the daughter of the infanta Elena. You can only get out to buy products of first need, walk the dog, go to work in case you can not done from home, or to accompany a dependent person.

Well, this week Victoria Federica has been seen buying in a supermarket, Mercadona. Until here everything well. You can. But it has done accompanied by his partner, the DJ Jorge Barcenas. No you can’t. And the worst thing. They were spending a few days in Jaén.

Victoria Federica in the super Has been a user that has been caught and has made him a photograph accompanied by a text. “Directly from Madrid, in full state of alarm, Victoria Federica, niece of the king, to plant in my town, Villacarrillo (Jaén). The move only to what is strictly necessary has not been very clear yet. It is the responsibility of all, not a few!”, he says angry.

It could have been one of those locals who were caught leaving the capital on their way to their second homes in Andalusia or Valencia. Some users who defended it say that these tests would not be enough to know if it was in full quarantine or took days in Jaén.