The mess of bed (not counted) of Juan Carlos I with a journalist quite famous


March 22, 2020
(10:11 CET)

You have written many lines, and have filled many minutes of talk about the alleged infidelities of the king emeritus of Spain Juan Carlos I and his wife, doña Sofia. The escapades and affairs outside of marriage have been the talk of many media programs and gossip.

It has always been spoken in the media of the coated paper of the alleged infidelities of the king emeritus Juan Carlos I his wife, emerita, doña Sofia. There are numerous stories about the adventures affair of the monarch. From the very beginning of their romance have been explained in the media romances Juan Carlos the margin of Sofiathat she has stoically endured.

The list is almost endless

Yes Corinna Larsenwhich , if Martha Gaywhich , if Barbara King… And attention to the affair that remember some media, and confirm from the environment of the Royal House. This happened 28 yearsin 1992, the year of the Olympic Games of Barcelona.

Then in the chain ITV they wanted to make a report to Juan Carlos in which the king explained as he saw Spain at that time.

In charge of conducting the interview was a young Selina Scott, which had been recommended by his brother, Constantine of Greeceand the prince of Wales. A woman who, curiously, looked a lot like Corinna. And in the document it was seen sailing with the sailboat Rascalin the yacht Fortunetake a stroll around the gardens of the Palace of Marivent, etc

Juan Carlos and Selina 1

Juan Carlos does not resist

From the Royal House we recommend that you do not lend to the story. “This type of work what would that do Spanish Television or the agency EFE and do not come out to give an image skewed in that it is the first institution of the State,” he said Sabino Fernandez Field, head of the House of his Majesty. But Juan Carlos she didn’t care. And not only that.

Juan Carlos and Selina

In the story you can see JC flirting on more than one occasion with the journalist, who did not escape to the propositions of the that was then Head of State, that he fell exhausted to the charms of the young man.