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March 22, 2020
(17:57 CET)

The corononavirus affects all. The pandemic COVID-19 threat to all citizens. Mainly the first world. And in the numbers that come each day to the light you can verify perfectly that neither the more painted escapes it.

And not only the citizens of walk are under its threat. The high areas have also seen some of their members have been affected by this global issue.

In the Royal House also live aware of the issue and taking all kinds of preventions. Starting by the entrance, where has been prepared a table with disinfectants, as well as a book of instructions with the information required to disinfect a well. A point that has to pass all the staff working in Zarzuela.

Result of image of house real coronaviruses daily goal

Total Control

Employees who, in addition, they perform tests regularly to rule out any sign of the happy coronavirus.

Since that appeared the case at the institute of the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia, Our Lady of the Roses, as well as from the Queen Letizia he was with Irene Montero sharing hugs and kisses, the concern and care in the Royal House have been maximum.

What is clear, however, is that the confinement not live like the young people that the rest of the children and adolescents of Spain. And is that a vast majority does not have the privileges that are enjoyed by the young people.

Nothing is missing

Because Leonor and Sofia you have at your disposal a medical team to go to the minimum symptoms of having contracted the coronavirus, while in many hospitals refuse to do testing if this is not a serious case.

Also, small don’t miss one of the great assets of the past few days. And we do not speak of the toilet paper, that too, but of facemasks or respirators if necessary.

Nor do I miss any request you have to pass the time, as it could be a film session in private, that on other occasions has already occurred, the last number in going on sale, or a book that does not have in its library.