The quarantine unleashed the biggest fight of Felipe VI and Letizia (and it is for this)


Felipe vi and Letizia in your car

March 22, 2020
(11:18 CET)

The coronavirus is changing Spain and the whole world. No one escapes the crisis COVID-19. Some will have less difficulties, as in the Royal House. But there the measures of prevention are also extreme. Are not unrelated to the health problem that has to our country in quarantine.

However, it is not only the coronavirus which is causing problems in Zarzuela. The scandal uncovered about Juan Carlos I these days ago is very latent in the corridors of Palace.

No one talks about the issue openly. It is as if he had not existed. But in private it is another story.

Quarrels in Zarzuela

In petit comité yes commented on the topic. Until the princess Leonor he had asked the Queen Letizia that you do not want to be photographed with the emeritus. The young man what he wants right away.

Although his reign that official has not begun yet, the early monarch wants to be as far as possible from the corruption and of the people that may damage his image. You want to avoid all that you have taught Juan Carlos and her uncle and aunt, the infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín. By the way, we already know where he made the master the ex-player of handball to end up in prison. Had the teacher Juan Carlos giving private lessons in the home.

Iñaki Urdangarín | EFE

Differences risqué

Letizia he also notes the issue with her husband, Philip VI. The journalist doesn’t want to cross over to his father-in-law house. If she were, I would be going through the confinement in the other end of the world. And not hide it in front of her husband.

A Felipe with the that these days are spending more hours than ever. Or when it emerged the love and overflowing passion were so much time without separating. And of course, not under the same roof.

Felipe VI and Letizia | EFE

A panorama that is generating some discussions between the kings. And is that like many other children of neighbors, living together in such a continuous is generating some situations of some stress. The wear and tear of the relationship becomes clear. And there have been some other conversation pitch climb. Especially those that come out of the affaires of Juan Carlosboth in what refers to their adventures promiscuous and in the hidden accounts that you have in Switzerland.