The son of Felipe VI does not speak (and that the Royal House kept secret)


Felipe VI, Sofia and Letizia

March 21, 2020
(10:31 CET)

One of the scandals that most rivers of ink did run in the media of coated paper was the one who had the Catalan Albert Solà as the main character. As claimed by the waiter of the Bisbal de l’empordàhas a medical report which guarantees a match in its DNA with the king emeritus Juan Carlos I a 99%. That is to say, is convinced that she is a bastard son of the former Head of State.

But this child is not recognized it may not be the only one that the husband of emerita, Sofia it has spread throughout the world. It says in the environment of the Royal House that could be a long list. And in the last days there is one name that has gained a whole as a possible descendant of the Bourbon.

The alleged brother of Philip VI, which is not to speak in the Royal House

It is Alexanderthe son of Corinna zu Sayn Wittgensteinor Corinna Larsenas the called of single. As well as suggesting the chronicler Pilar Eyre in the magazine Readings.

Juan Carlos and Corinna

“I called him dad! itAlexander, the son of Corinna Larsenshe called dad to Juan Carlos! I wanted him as a son!”, recounts Eyre.

The communicator, in addition, he recalled what happened in the Hospital Clínic of Barcelonawhen the John Carlos he was operated on for lung. Then no one of the Royal Family he entered the room. But yes, they did Corinna and Alexander.

Corinna and his son were at his side in difficult moments, for example, when operated on the king of a nodule of the lung is feared that it was a malignant tumor. In the Hospital Clínic he was not Felipe nor the princesses, but Corinna and Alexander they were there, and not moved to the side of the sick until they recovered!”.

But Pillar it is not the only one who has referred to the matter. This week they talked about the topic in Save me. And in the middle of the round, Antonio Montero dropped the bomb: “I can assure you that Juan Carlos he had a photo of the child in its bedroom” he said, referring to the fourth of the “house of Switzerland” in which Juan Carlos shared roof “with Alexander and Corinna”.

Similar reasonable

Although what is most alarming about the issue is not that they can tell journalists specialized in the monarchy, but the thing that kept Alexander, who just turned 18 years and you can already publish photos of him, and Felipe VI when I was his same age. Attention to the snapshots.

Philip teen

Alexander and Corinna