‘The Walking Dead: the World Beyond’ is also postponed its premiere by the coronavirus


‘The Walking Dead: the World Beyond’, the spin-off of the long-lived series zombies of AMC, it has been forced to postpone its premiere a few weeks as a result of the coronavirus. Date of premiere original was going to be the 12 of April, but as it has press release the series on his Twitter account, will have to wait a little more.

“The Walking Dead: the World Beyond is changing its premier Sunday 12 of April to later this year”.

The new series, which it will be starring two young women played by: Alexa Mansour and Aliyah Royale, it will focus on the next generation of survivors after the zombie apocalypse.

  'The Walking Dead'

It is not the only…

As has been announcing, a multitude of films and series more have had to discontinue or postpone their shoots because of the COVID-19such as ‘Riverdale’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or ‘The Morning Show’.

Thus, it is expected that the series have to return in the fall are not prepared for its premiere, and even some premieres of the next few months are already being affected by the crisis: Spain ‘Poison’ will emit only its first episode to premiere, while HBO has delayed the arrival of the long awaited ‘Homeland’.

You can see how it progresses real-time virus through the web of the John Hopkins university.