Tini Stoessel SHOCKED all of Instagram to be displayed with a wedding dress!


The singer, model and actress of argentine origin, Tini Stoessel managed to cause a great scandal among his followers Instagram and several internet users, after publishing a photograph where he is seen wearing a wedding dress.

Just as you read it, Tini Stoessel he shows up with gloves, lace, necklace of pearls, veil and wedding dress. A fact that undoubtedly gave rise to it originating on certain theories regarding the wedding between Tini Stoessel and Sebastian Yatra.

Despite the hopes of many to see their favorite artists in front of the altar, this fascinating costume of Tini, this is only the promotion of his next musical release titled “no longer call me”, a text that included this same publication.

Tini Stoessel SHOCKED all of Instagram

Remember that Tini Stoessel in addition to being one of the actresses and singers that are most successful today, has also managed to position itself in the virtual world, where, at least in your account of Instagram exceeded the 12.4 million followers.

And as was expected this photographic album of the singer’s wedding dress has caused a great uproar among his followers and even for the same Sebastian Yatra, which he did not hesitate a second to tell his beautiful bride.

O Tini Stoessel ready to walk down the aisle!

Even in a couple of days, this post from Tini Stoessel on Instagram has managed to collect more than 1 million likes and 14 thousand comments on the part of his followers, who have shown their admiration for the singer argentina.

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It is worth mentioning that Tini Stoessel and Sebastian Yatra make up one of the couples most popular celebrity, whose relationship has managed to conquer the hearts of their followers. So imagine Tini walking towards the altar with the Yatra is part of the fantasies of the fans of this pair of singers.