TV program between movies and series, LGBT, March 20, 2020: here’s what there is to see


Where is the LGBT representation? Easy to say, in the character of Clyde Tolson, played by Armie Hammer. Rumor in hand, between J. Edgar and Clyde-it was a relationship, the look went far beyond the professional, so much so that the death of Hoover, Tolson inherited, the goods and the house where he spent his last years of life. A pity that in the film by Eastwood, this aspect is mentioned only in the most distant, much of attracted a few criticism from LGBT associations.

Until 23:15 on sky, channel 26, room Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, masterpiece Pedro Almodovar. Freely inspired by The human voice of Jean Cocteau, the film festival of Venice, went in the competition of the 45th international film festival 5 awards Goya won 15 applications Oscar candidate as best foreign film, Golden Globe and the Bafta, two European Film Awards and the David di Donatello, and won.

Protagonist asks Pepa, an actress in the film of abandoned Ivan, his colleague and lover, the not endure the idea, only in the apartment full of memories, to hire an Agency,…

A triumph of camp is totally new and revolutionary, filmed in 1988, almost entirely in an apartment, between laughter and crazy, bright colors, and LGBT issues.