“Valentino Rossi or Marc Marquez? Better Angelina Jolie”


Jorge Lorenzo answers questions from the fans. His role as test rider in MotoGP and the potential of the Yamaha, to again win the world Cup.

Jorge Lorenzo remains in Dubai, where the epidemic of the Coronavirus is less alarming than what is happening in Switzerland. In the nation of Switzerland, there are more than six thousand cases, against only 153 in the United Arab Emirates. By the time the MotoGP kill-star responded to the many questions of fans on social. Not some uncomfortable miss you, but he knows how to dribble. Who asks, for example, why is it still in the Premier class after the farewell announced in Valencia. “Since I’ve retired, but I ride on the MotoGP class. As you ask me, that seems to me not his face, of joy…“.

Let the Honda, a decision that has matured over months of deliberations and outcomes. But why do you say goodbye to the race in the best time of his career? “I could continue to fight, to win races, but it’s not more me is worth it. That was something I already done, spurs me on more to be better in other things – said Jorge Lorenzo, while I enjoy the life“. The rest of his condition is not yet at 100 percent. Also, the presence of Marc Marquez in the box made everything more difficult. “There was no way to change the motorcycle due to injuries, the right circumstances, these, and proceed in a natural way“.

After his victory in the MotoGP season 2015, Yamaha a repeat in the year after would have. But the tyres were an obstacle, at the beginning of the championship. After a vacuum biennale, the house of Iwata is back to work as it should, and the arrival of Jorge Lorenzo can be a big help. “I’m sure of it. The Yamaha has the desire to win you back. A complete motorcycle and rider have to be very strong. And now the pilots have more sensitive, to improve it still“. And remember, be a champion… “I was a great pilot, I was, and I’m a great champion”. The question of ‘dry’ Valentino Rossi or Marc Marquez?’, the auditor responds: “Angelina Jolie“.