Vanessa Formell version of Bob Marley to send a message of strength for the coronavirus


The cuban singer Vanessa Formellthe daughter of the great cuban musician Juan Formell and current female voice of los Van Van, has shared in their nets a beautiful version of one of the most iconic Bob Marley, to send a message of strength for the pandemic coronavirus who is suffering the world.

This is the song Three Little Birds, in which the late singer and composer jamaican invites you to not worry because everything will be fine and instead to smile and sing.

“For those who are struggling, those who save us, by a united world and a hope that is infinite “STAY POSITIVE”. Thanks to all who joined us to bring this message of love to the entire world because even in the worst of days the sun comes out”, wrote Vanessa together with the video.

The singer also encouraged all of his followers to stay at home to take care of themselves and those around them and thanked “all the doctors and nurses of the world by risking their lives and saving those who need it”.

Several followers have been grateful for his positive message in these times: “Beautiful theme, comes to the heart, cuidaros all. Thanks for that topic, it is important to be united in these hard moments”, “! Beautiful message and wonderful initiative!”, “Oh, hopeful and beautiful song! I love it! Many thanks, Vanessa”.

His brother, Samuel Formellit , also used their social networks to give their followers a download music, named as “tamborvirus”, to enjoy a bit of music, which has been a relief in these times of quarantine by coronavirus.

The drummer, the current director of Van Van, was unable to attend the Festival of the Drum to which it was invited, because it was suspended due to the pandemic, so that gave part of your performance through your account of Facebook.

The cuban pianist Chucho Valdés it has also been offering live concerts from their social networks for those who are in quarantine, as the singers David Blanco and Huey Kamankola.

The veteran cuban singer Omara Portuondo offered, this Saturday, a concert virtual from home habanera the cast Fontanar, although recently retired, after a world tour as one of the glories of the Buena Vista Social Club.

The cubans have wasted your talent for the world to give a little bit of joy in these times as disastrous. Such is the case of Cachita, that from his terrace in Bilbao he sang Sound the drumsto fill of positivism to its neighbors, while in Italy, the soprano cuban Diana Rosa Cárdenas delighted with a rousing version of Cecilia Valdés.

Many artists and cuban intellectuals, such as Alexis Valdes, The Pichy Boys, Eliécer Ávila, Limay White or Dianelis Brito, have also been added to CiberCuba from inside and outside the island to raise awareness about the importance of stay at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.