Warner Bros discarded brand new ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’ in streaming despite the coronavirus


The new movie of the Universe extended DC ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’, is scheduled to be released this year. The sequel starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins has fixed as the date for the premiere on the 5th of June, although now it is in danger due to the situation of the coronavirus in the entire world. It is for this reason that they have begun to circulate certain rumors on the fact that the film could be released directly in video-on-demand using a format of rental. However, it seems that this option has been discarded.

Wonder Woman 1984

IndieWire notice that the plan of Warner Bros is keep the release in cinemasand possibly with a world premiere. This does not mean that you keep the date, even if not yet pronounced upon it, and therefore officially remains the 5 of June, this could change as we have already seen in other projects due to the crisis of the coronavirus. Warner does not close the door to delay its release, but maintains that it will be in cinemas.

Nor superheroes they hold the virus

As we have been seeing these days, no matter the pull that they have in the box office, because in the end, with the theaters closed, the distributors are forced to consider changing the premiere. This we have seen in Marvel for example, with films such as ‘Black Widow’ or ‘The New Mutants’, or Universal ‘Fast & Furious 9’. Despite the fact that perhaps at one time, the situation is controlled, everything is still up in the air, and it is not known if later it will have to delay the following projects to make room for these past thus creating a domino effect or if on the contrary, they will change strategy.