A video-fan-made-imagine Wonder Woman in the final battle of the Avengers: Endgame


We all know how important the arrival of Doctor Strange with the band was that was decisive for the victory against Thanos during the decisive battle Avengers: Endgame. But what would have happened if instead of the hero back to life was awakened, came to the aid of the competition?

The answer is try this you are a video fan-made, circulating on the network, in these last hours, in which one’s arrival Wonder Woman give heavily on his colleagues at home Marvel. But what Diana Prince drives to want to take part in the battle against the titans Crazy?

The video also reveals a stunning background: in the alternate universe of thought, for this procedure, we see Diana in a report almost a hundred years with our Steve Rogers, for the opportunity to have seems to be forgotten, his beloved Peggy.

The tab serves a real game changer for the fight, for success, to stretch alone, with no problems Thanosthe happy ending is assured, the war for the salvation of the universe won, and Diane and Steve can then, finally, you can enjoy a quiet love story (with good peace of Peggy Carter).

In China, meanwhile, the films of the Avengers could be back to the cinema, to help to recover the space after the crisis, coronavirus; Scarlett Johansson has admitted that was quite anxious about the scene of his death in Avengers: the Endgame.