Ana Pastor is preparing a documentary series on the Spanish monarchy and corruption


In full maelstrom of news and scandals related to the royal family and the figure of the king (current and emeritus), the producer/agency fact-checking Newtral and the film and television production company mexican Exile Content have announced who will carry out a series of documentaries on the monarchy. In this way, the institution will for the first time reflected in an international co-production, thanks to archives, unpublished documents and numerous testimonials.

Series 'A royal family'

The series, which will be entitled ‘A royal family’, put your focus on each member of the monarchy, the relations between them and the scandals and corruption in those who have been involved in one way or another. Start by Juan Carlos I, who will focus on the first episode. The chapter will revolve around the decision of Juan Carlos to abdicate the crown, discovering both his period of reign as his later life.

Ana Pastor, the founder of the Newtral, explained the importance of a production well to this day. The series has even greater relevance and timeliness following the decision of king Felipe VI to renounce his inheritance and withdraw the economic allocation to his father Juan Carlos I”, I said. For now it is not known when it will premiere.

Long-lasting collaboration

This will also be the second joint work between Newtral and Exile Content, which already have started making another documentary series, ‘A Real dream’, about the creation and first season of the women’s team of Real Madrid. “This second collaboration with our partners Newtral combines high-quality journalism that characterizes Ana and her team, and the highest production valueswith a story never before told in this way to a global audience,”says Daniel Eilemberg, president of content of Exile.